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Calibrating The Sprayer

The output of the sprayer should be checked by collecting and measuring the spray liquid emitted during one minute. Maintain steady pumping on the pump handle while measuring. Having determined the output from the nozzle in gallons/minute, the rate per unit area treated can be calculated knowing the swath width and walking speed.

Gal./acre = (Gal./min. of nozzle) x 43560 Sq. ft./acre
(Sq. ft./min.)

Note: Gal./min. for standard nozzles
Sq. ft./min.=Speed (ft./min.) x Swath Width (ft.)

1. Determine the nozzle’s rated capacity. See page 6 of Solo parts list for nozzle ratings. Get the capacity in gallons/minute at the desired pressure. Test the delivery of the nozzle. Spray for one minute and collect the spray.

Gal./min. = oz. collected/minute
128 oz. = 1 gal.

2. Compute the area covered in square feet per minute. Select a comfortable walking speed and figure how many feet per minute you walk. A convenient fast walk for some is 2.5 mph, but this may vary. One mile per hour equals 88 feet per minute. An easy way to calculate is to simply measure the distance you walk in one minute.

3. Compute the gallons per acre. The above information is used to compute the gallons of spray that will be applied per acre.

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