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Sprayer Repair

Sprayer Disassembly & Repair

1. If the sprayer will not hold pressure, fill the sprayer 3″ below the top with water. Replace the cap and pump 4 times. Filling the sprayer this full makes it very easy to pump up to the maximum pressure. CAUTION: The bottom of the pressure relief valve is submerged and will discharge water under pressure. Dry off any water on the outside of the sprayer. (See Figure 1) If you observe water leaking out of the sprayer, check for damage at the site of the leak.

2. If the leak is at a connection, try to tighten the screw cap. If that fails, remove the screw cap and check the sealing surface to make sure that it is flat, smooth and the seal or O-ring is undamaged. Retighten. (See Figure 2)

3. When reassembling the connections, especially the hose, make sure the O-ring is seated before hand-tightening the screw cap. (See Figure 3)

4. The pressure relief valve is removed by unscrewing it from the tank. Once removed, the lower housing pulls off to access the O-ring on the stem (A). When replacing this O-ring, make sure it is seated in the recess on the stem. Lubricate O-ring on stem before reassembly. (See Figure 4)

5. If the pump fails to offer resistance when pumping, check the umbrella valve (B) on the bottom of the cylinder to make sure that it is in place and sealing. The umbrella valve is removed by pulling it out. Replace the umbrella valve by re-inserting into the hole on the bottom of the cylinder. (See Figure 5)

6. The pump piston is removed from the cylinder by pulling the two apart forcefully. Occasionally the large gasket at the top of the cylinder will hold the cylinder in the tank cap. Turning the cylinder counter-clockwise while holding the tank cap and pulling the cylinder will help separate the two parts. (See Figure 6)

7. To replace the O-ring on the plug (C), remove the plug by prying it out with a screwdriver. Replace the O-ring and lubricate. Reassemble by pushing the plug in until it is flush with bottom of the pump piston. The pump piston O-ring must be replaced if damaged or worn. Lubricate before reassembly. (See Figures 7 and 8)

8. To replace the pump piston, remove the cylinder supports by pushing them out of the tank cap. Once the pump piston is replaced, the cylinder support is snapped back into place. (See Figure 9) Note: this is not necessary for most repairs.

9. When reassembling the pump cylinder to the pump piston and cap, make sure that the gasket (D) does not get twisted. This will cause the sprayer to leak. It is important to keep this gasket lubricated with non-water soluble grease or Solo Superior Grease (part #9850). Note: the cylinder is shown removed from the tank cap for clarity. To ease in the assembly, insert the cylinder into the neck of the sprayer tank and then screw the cap assembly on. (See Figure 10)

10.   Remove the shut-off valve from the hose. Remove and replace the O-ring on the hose connection. Reinstall the shut-off valve. (See Figure 11)

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