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Sprayer Uses

Plant Feeding and Protection – a variety of spray tips enables user to perform foliar feeding or to apply fungicides and pesticides effectively.

Herbicides – may be applied to reduce pesky weeds and plants;
however, avoid using same sprayer for plant feeding or protection.

Indoor Use – sprayers may be used to apply detergents, vinegar,
cleaning solutions, warm water (up to 120° F) and other non-toxic
household cleaners and maintenance liquids. Carpets, walls, glass, floors, ceilings and other surfaces can be treated. Do not use sprayer indoors which has previously been used with herbicides, pesticides or toxic chemicals.

Outdoor Use – window cleaner, detergent, general purpose cleaning solutions, certain wood preservatives, waxes, waterproofing and diluted household bleach (do not exceed 25% solution) are among the many things Solo sprayers can apply. Avoid using sprayer for cleaning and other applications once it has been used for plant protection or herbicide spraying.

*Solo Superior Grease or petroleum jelly work well.

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