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Mix the spray formula and the proper volume of water in a separate container. Pour the mix through the filter basket in the tank opening. This keeps debris from entering sprayer. Note: To fill the sprayer to its full 4 gallon capacity, set the pressure control valve to the 3 or 4 setting. (See Above: “Regulating the Pressure.”) Add 2 or 3 gallons of spray formula mix. Pump the sprayer handle to prime the pump and fill the pressure cylinder. The volume of liquid in formula mix tank will appear to decrease as the pressure cylinder is filled. Liquid will flow through the top of the pressure regulator when the cylinder is completely full. Add the remaining formula mix to the tank. Remember that it’s not necessary to completely fill the sprayer tank each time. Mix only the amount needed to get the job done.

Always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions printed on the product label. This can save money and help prevent crop and environmental damage

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