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Maintenance and Storage Tips

1. Pressure Cylinder
2. Inlet Screen
3. Cylinder Support
4. Pressure Control Valve

To protect the piston, cylinder and Viton® collar, a fine mesh, stainless steel screen is located on the pressure cylinder inlet.

If you find that your sprayer will not empty the formula tank, check for a clogged inlet screen (2). The inlet screen is located at the bottom of the pressure cylinder on the side that faces your back.

One indication that it needs cleaning is that when you let go of the pump handle, it “springs” to the down position. The screen can be cleaned with a small bristle brush or a discarded toothbrush. See diagram for location of screen.

  • After operation, the sprayer should be stored away from direct sunlight to prevent UV damage.
  • After removing the pump or when mounting a new
    Viton® collar, treat both the collar and the piston with
    water-resistant grease.*
  • Before winter, drain all liquid in tank, lines and air
    chamber. (See “Cleaning.”) Leave shut-off valve locked in the “open” position.
  • For service, call on your nearest Solo dealer.
    Always insist on original Solo spare parts.
  • Regularly inspect hose, wand, pump, tank and shut-off valve for wear, damage or leaks. Repair promptly.

Avoid excessive wear by:

1) Regular lubrication of Viton® collar, cylinder and piston with water resistant grease.*
2) Prompt and thorough cleaning and flushing of sprayer. Soap and water work well.

*Use Solo Superior Grease (#9850). Petroleum jelly may also be used.

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