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• Before using sprayer with chemicals, fill sprayer with fresh water to
  assure that you have it properly assembled; pressurize and then
  practice spraying. When thoroughly familiar with sprayer operation,
  follow normal operating procedures.

• Turn pump handle counter clockwise to remove pump.

• Fill tank with premixed formula up to desired level. Do not exceed
  maximum fill mark. Observe recommendations of chemical     

• Tighten cap and pump assembly for a good seal.

• Pump to a maximum 45 psi or 3 bar pressure. The valve stem on the
  pressure relief valve will rise up to a red mark indicating 45 psi.

• Start or stop spraying by squeezing or releasing the lever on the shut-off
  valve (3). The spray pressure can be monitored with an optional pressure

• Prior to every removal of pump (1), release pressure first by pulling up
  on the pressure relief valve stem (2)

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