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Troubleshooting Guide

Difficulty in moving
pump handle
• dirty cylinder wall
• O-ring on piston swollen
  (not cleaned properly)
• no lube on piston/cylinder
• remove piston, clean and
• replace O-ring

• lubricate with heavy
Low pressure & resistance during pumping• damaged O-ring in  
  pressure relief valve
• worn or damaged O-ring
  on piston
• tank cap not tight
• no lube on piston cylinder
• replace O-ring

• replace O-ring

• tighten cap
• lubricate piston, O-ring and  cylinder
Leaks from end of spray wand
Leaks from inside cylinder
Leaks under cap
Leaks from shut-off valve
Leaks from hose
• worn or damaged O-ring in shut-off valve
• worn or damaged umbrella valve at bottom of cylinder
• damaged or missing gasket
• screw cap not tight
• worn, damaged or loose fittings, lack of lubrication

• worn, damaged or loose fittings
• rebuild shut-off valve

• replace umbrella valve

• replace gasket
• tighten tank cap
• tighten fittings and replace  worn parts, disassemble and lubricate O-rings
• tighten fittings and replace
  worn parts
Pressure relief valve sticks• lack of lubrication or contaminated relief valve assembly• clean and lubricate pressure
   relief valve
Air leak – air coming out between the two halves of the pump support• tank cap not tight
• gasket twisted or lacking  lubrication
• tank lip damaged
• tighten tank cap
• straighten gasket and lubricate
  with grease
• repair or replace tank
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