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• Prior to storage, clean and empty sprayer.

• Always store the sprayer in a dry area, protected from freezing, heat and sunlight.

• Lubricate O-ring in pressure relief valve with non-water soluble grease* on a regular basis. Disassembly: Unscrew pressure relief valve from tank and pull the valve body out of the screw cap. Clean and lubricate.

• Should pumping action become difficult, remove the pump from tank, remove pump piston (4) from pump cylinder (3) and grease the O-ring (5) of the pump piston with non-water soluble grease*. NOTE: once tank cap is removed, the pump handle “piston” and “cylinder” (pump body) are disassembled simply by pulling apart. See Figure 6, page 5.

• Use Solo original parts and see your Solo dealer in case of any problems. In the interest of technical progress, we reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice

Pump Maintenance – NOTE: pump pressure sealing is accomplished with an O-ring (5) on the pump piston (4) which moves within the
cylinder (3). Periodically this O-ring should be greased with a
non-water soluble grease*. If worn, it should be replaced. A small
umbrella valve (7) at the bottom of cylinder prevents the formula from entering the cylinder. Keep these parts clean and replace if worn.

Tank Cap – a small amount of non-water soluble grease* on tank
cap threads and both sides of the gasket eases tightening and

Regular Inspection – inspect and replace worn or damaged parts promptly. Pay particular attention to tank cap gasket, pressure
relief valve and seal, inflation valve (if fitted), umbrella valve O-rings and seals throughout sprayer. Regular lubrication of O-rings and seals is recommended.

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